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IREM recently completed the on-site commissioning of three powerful voltage stabilizers for a renowned multinational beverage company in Central Asia.

IREM voltage stabilizers offer significant advantages even in large industrial complexes, such as food & beverage, supporting essential processes such as water treatment, raw material processing, concentrate production, additive mixing, filling, packaging and shipping.

Each of these processes requires equipment that receives a stable and reliable energy supply. This is particularly crucial in rapidly developing countries, where significant investments are underway to build new industrial complexes using advanced Western technologies.

Voltage stabilizers: POWER QUALITY for the Food & Beverage sector

How to ensure power quality in production processes?

In these contexts, reliable power is essential. POWER QUALITY is essential to guarantee high performance throughout the entire production cycle, from preparation to bottling and packaging of consumer goods.

In large industrial districts, the network power supply may be variable and unsuitable for directly powering the sophisticated process equipment used in the production of the most iconic and universally known carbonated soft drink.

What benefits do IREM voltage stabilizers offer?

To ensure protected power supply of the most sensitive loads involved in the production process, three IREM Sterostab Y328AN2500 voltage stabilizers were used, with a unit power of 2500 kVA and a total stabilized power of 7.5 MVA.
The stabilization speed of 18 ms/V allows you to quickly restore optimal voltage values, even in the event of sudden variations in mains voltage.

IREM’s choice to build large three-phase AVRs divided into single-phase functional units received the appreciation of the customer’s technical department, who was able to see the benefits during the site setup. This technical solution facilitates shipping operations, on-site handling, placement within the technological rooms and connection to the system cables.

IREM POWER QUALITY products can compensate for mains voltage variations of ±15% and power loads at constant and stabilized voltage with an accuracy of 0.5% in all load conditions. Furthermore, they eliminate voltage asymmetry thanks to the independent phase regulation system, can be integrated into systems with high short-circuit current, and offer high electrical efficiency with natural ventilation cooling without fans.

They guarantee continuous service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a high utilization and contemporaneity factor. These and many others are the strengths of IREM, which with its products contributes to the production of the drink that is a symbol of refreshment and sociability all over the world.

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