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Irem, which has always been known for its high quality and competence in the field of Power Quality, in collaboration with the Spanish partner EREMU, has developed a solution to guarantee the correct and safe operation of signaling equipment used by the AVE (Alta Velocidad Espanola) routes in Spain. Irem Ministab and Sterostab model stabilizers with powers from 50kVA up to 300 kVA were used for the project.
 IREM voltage stabiliser
IREM voltage stabilizers
Railway signaling is the set of devices, apparatuses, subsystems and elements, present on the railway network, which allow the management of train circulation, ensuring safety and punctuality.
The power supply of these particular systems requires a high level of power quality and a high degree of reliability.
To ensure power availability, connection to two ordinary electrical systems is provided:

  • the low voltage electricity distribution network
  • the overhead contact line (catenary system)

Special IREM voltage stabilizers were therefore installed, capable of limiting the amplitude variation, reducing high frequency disturbances and damping high energy transients in order to raise the power quality level of the energy flowing from the two power sources.

The IREM voltage stabilizers that make up the supply include an LC double cell series filter for the attenuation of high frequency disturbances, combined surge arresters and input and output switches. The machines used for this project comply with the specifications, requirements and tests indicated by ADIF (Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias).

IREM together with EREMU supplied MERS special model voltage stabilizers for various sections of the Spanish high-speed network, for this project various types of tests were carried out, all supervised and approved by ADIF staff.
The power supply thus filtered and protected is made available for input to the AC-DC rectifiers which constitute the final stage of the continuity power supply of the signaling system.

The internal communication of the AVE sections is also guaranteed by IREM voltage stabilizers, allowing the use of mobile devices inside high-speed trains.

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