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IREM Voltage stabilizers in anti-seismic version to guarantee Power Quality in extreme conditions.

Earthquakes cause significant losses and in addition to damaging the structural elements of a building, they often involve serious damage to non-structural elements, such as electrical systems, which are essential for ensuring the correct power supply, with adequate levels of Power Quality, of the infrastructures strategic for emergency management.
For a leading multinational group IREM has realized an important supply of Voltage Stabilizers, of the Sterostab family, in anti-seismic version to be used in the power supply of the safety systems of a new power plant. The plant, which is under construction, is located in a country subject to important seismic phenomena.

An equipment is defined as anti-seismic if equipped with a system that makes it resistant to the action of the earthquake, avoiding relative movements that could damage the elements that constitute it.
The Voltage Stabilizers IREM Sterostab Y320AN350SBC-E, object of the supply, have been designed and built to withstand and operate in the presence of an earthquake characterized by an acceleration value of 2G.
Acceleration values of 2G were recorded on exceptional occasions, characterized by a level 8 magnitude on the Richter scale capable of determining effects equivalent to level X of the MCS scale and level X of the MKS-64 scale.
The voltage stabilizers made by IREM have therefore been subjected to a simulation of a destructive earthquake with a positive outcome, exceeding the performances foreseen by IEEE693-High Performance and ICC ES AC156.
Accredited with this competence, IREM makes available to its Customers a range of Voltage Stabilizers capable of guaranteeing high levels of Power Quality even in extreme environmental conditions.

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