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In presence of particularly sensitive electronic equipment, a “clean” power supply is not only desirable, but is a real need.
Electronic components stressed by transients and electrical disturbances often have a life span lower than expected. The effects of transients and electrical disturbances are cumulative and contribute to the degradation of electrical and electronic components.
In the long run, these disturbances damage these components causing intermittent or abnormal operation of the equipment.
To overcome these problems caused by the low level of Power Quality, IREM has developed a special Voltage Stabilizer capable of effectively protecting the most sensitive electrical equipment against voltage transients, amplitude changes and high frequency disturbances.
The improvement of the Power Quality and the protection of the electrical process control equipment of large industrial plants is guaranteed by IREM solution that combines a Voltage Stabilizer with a combined high performance surge arrester and a triple-cell LC filter with high levels of attenuation and an extremely contained leakage current.
This special IREM Ministab Voltage Stabilizer guarantees a high level of Power Quality by responding selectively to the various network disturbances present in the context of industrial plants and preventing the occurrence of various types of faults thus reducing both repair costs those resulting from the lack of productivity due to the shutdown of the plant.
This particular solution is also applicable to the higher power stabilizers of IREM Sterostab range.

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