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Modern bottling lines, characterized by high performance, include a large variety of electronically controlled electrical equipment that carry out the process in a controlled environment and in automatic mode.
Voltage stabiliser for BOTTLING systems
The high level of automation now makes it possible to establish the correctness of each operation, thanks to monitoring, with different types of controls, both of the system as a whole and of the operation of each individual component. The innovation in supervision systems allows you to control the entire line from a single operator panel or from a remote location, drastically reducing the time to identify a potential risk and the reaction times to bring the line back to optimal operating conditions.

The presence of electronic devices requires an adequate level of Power Quality in order to ensure correct operation by preventing breakdowns and production interruptions.
It is therefore necessary to improve the Power Quality from the public distribution network so as to make it suitable for powering sensitive loads, preventing the occurrence of failures and plant shutdowns.

Voltage stabiliser BOTTLING systems
The IREM STEROSTAB voltage stabilizer model: Y319AN500D-MR designed to work under Heavy Duty conditions, turns out to be the perfect machine to support this need.

Specifically for this industrial complex of a multinational company in the Beverage sector, IREM has built a voltage stabilizer with a power of 500 kVA, input voltage 400V ± 20% input current 902A; output voltage 400 ± 0.5%; output current 722A.

This voltage stabilizer supplies the complex drives of automatic bottling machines characterized by high performance at constant voltage. It is used to ensure a stable and symmetrical voltage to the electrical loads that make up the electrical equipment of the bottling lines.

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