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The new IREM Ministab Voltage Stabilisers are extremely flexible: each model has the possibility to satisfy 4 compensation ranges (±15%, ±20%, ±25%, ±30%). The enclosures have been completely renewed. The single-phase M models and three-phase T models (output regulation on the average of the 3 phases) are housed in compact and easy-to-move cases, while the Ministab Y three-phase Voltage Stabilisers (independent regulation of each single phase) are housed in towers equipped with wheels.

The Voltage Stabilisers of Ministab range increase the level of power quality in applications that require contained powers:

  • Single-phase Ministab M Voltage Stabilisers: 1 – 45 kVA
  • Three-phase Ministab T Voltage Stabilisers: 3.5 – 32 kVA
  • Three-phase Ministab Y Voltage Stabilisers: 3 – 120 kVA

The new Ministab range also retains all the exclusive benefits of IREM Voltage Stabilisers:


Extended warranty to 5 years.


In voltage stabilisers in IP21 configuration, cooling in is ensured by natural convection only. The total absence of fans (fan-free) increases the reliability of the product dramatically and makes the use of filters, which would need constant maintenance, unnecessary.


The criteria used to size the electrical and electronic parts of all IREM voltage stabilisers guarantee the greatest reliability. The declared performance is always ensured in the most several and critical conditions for unlimited time (heavy duty): nominal power with minimum input voltage, highest input current and at the declared ambient temperature.


IREM voltage stabilisers are characterized by long life, no degradation of performance over time and reduced maintenance requirements, thanks to the robustness of construction and the high quality of the materials used.


The whole range of voltage stabilisers has a very high level of customization, both in terms of electrical characteristics as well as mechanical and aesthetic. A staff of technicians specially dedicated to “special” projects can satisfy the most demanding requests.


The particular architecture of IREM voltage stabilisers allows to satisfy in a short time even the most demanding project, reducing design and production times. Moreover, the modular system used for higher power models simplifies transport and reduces time and cost.

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