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What are the differences between these two types of specific devices for POWER QUALITY?

The Voltage Stabilisers and Line Conditioners produced by IREM represent an excellent and effective solution to solve specific POWER QUALITY problems such as:


The IREM Voltage Stabilisers are created to compensate for voltage variations up to +/- 30% by delivering a stabilized voltage to the users with a tolerance of +/- 1%.
They can be single-phase, three-phase with regulation on the average of the 3 phases or three-phase with independent regulation of the 3 phases.
The IREM voltage stabilizers series MINISTAB and STEROSTAB are particularly suitable for:

  • Applications that require high reliability
  • Installations in hard to reach locations
  • Plants distant from the electrical distribution stations
  • Test benches, ovens, professional lighting equipment
  • Utilities of great power or with strong inrush absorption
Voltage Stabilizers IREM - POWER QUALITY

The IREM Line Conditioners are created to compensate for network variations and to offer the highest degree of protection against voltage peaks, voltage surges and high frequency disturbances.
They consist of a voltage surge suppressor, an RFI filter, an isolation transformer and a voltage regulator which can be electronic or electrodynamic.
The MINISTATIC series constitutes the range of electronic line conditioners produced by IREM in both single-phase (TS models) and three-phase (TST models) versions.
MINISTATIC electronic Lineconditioners are specific for:

  • Compensate voltage variations up to +/- 15% by supplying a stabilized voltage with a tolerance of +/- 3%
  • Power electronic equipment of medium-low power which require a particularly high stabilization speed
  • Power process controls, numerical controls, robots, electro-medical devices, telecommunications equipment, computers
  • Applications that require galvanic separation

The STEROGUARD series constitutes the range of three-phase electrodynamic line conditioners produced by IREM.
The voltage regulation system consists exclusively of magnetic components capable of withstanding electrical loads characterized by high inrush currents. The use of electronic components is limited to control the network and control the magnetic components that stabilize the voltage.

STEROGUARD electrodynamic LINE conditioners are specific for:

  • Compensate voltage variations up to +/- 30% by supplying a stabilized voltage with a tolerance of +/- 1%
  • Offer the highest level of protection to high power users burdened by power quality problems
  • Power radio and television transmitters, telephone systems, radar systems, motors, compressors, pumps, electro-medical devices, machine tools, etc.
  • Applications that require high reliability
  • Applications that require galvanic separation
Electrodynamic LINE conditioners  IREM - POWER QUALITY

In conclusion, the voltage stabilisers are the ideal solution to solve the problem of voltage variations while the network conditioners, offering a higher degree of protection, are the optimal solution to protect the users from the problems of voltage variations, high frequency disturbances, voltage spikes and surges.

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