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The fundamental parameter of a voltage stabiliser is the nominal power. It is expressed in kVA and is indicated in the nameplate.
The voltage stabiliser power represents the maximum power that the equipment can deliver.

The power figure of a voltage stabilizer must however be contextualized with reference to the service class, to the input voltage fluctuations and to the ambient temperature.


The standards define different types of service, i.e. operating conditions, for the electric machines. An electric machine may have a different nominal power depending on whether it is designed to operate continuously or with intermittent or occasional partial load.
All IREM voltage stabilizers are designed and manufactured to operate in continuous service, intended as the most demanding service at nominal power for unlimited time. In other words: IREM voltage stabilizers are sized to work continuously with 100% duty-cycle and the materials used bear the maximum power expected for an unlimited time.


A voltage stabilizer is characterized by the ability to compensate for the fluctuations in the mains voltage and to supply the connected load at a constant voltage and close to the nominal value. The work of the voltage stabilizer is to supply the additive or subtractive compensation voltage, which will act as a corrective for the mains voltage.
The heaviest working condition is in presence of the minimum mains voltage in input.
All IREM voltage stabilizers are characterized by the ability to stabilize the output voltage, when the main is in the worst conditions for unlimited time and without any degradation of performance.


Electric machines are characterized by energy losses produced during energy transformation, which occur in the form of heat. The cooling of an electric machine occurs through the phenomenon of transmission of the heat produced inside to an element at a lower temperature, according to the principles of physics.
The most reliable cooling mechanism is when the machine is immersed in the air, at the ambient temperature, without forced ventilation elements (fan-free). The fan-free natural air convection cooling system requires that the energy losses are reduced to the minimum value allowed by the technology, using qualified materials and adopting a generous sizing criterion.
All IREM voltage stabilizers are designed and manufactured exploiting the air-cooling capacity by applying the principle of heat subtraction by conduction and natural convection in the absolute absence of fans (fan-free system), with IP21 protection class.

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