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Version 2.1 of iremON released, the cloud platform for Power Quality

iremON, IREM’s cloud platform for Power Quality line products, was released in version 2.1.
The new version allows simple and immediate consultation of the main system parameters, with new data analysis functions and a new graphic layout.

iremON is the IOT application of IREM that connects in the cloud the products dedicated to Power Quality: Voltage Stabilizers, Line Conditioners, Voltage Optimizers and Integrated Power Supplies.
Through iremON it is possible to monitor in real time the electrical parameters of your system and the savings achieved, navigate the historical data or consult them in real time. iremON is designed for mobility and works with any device (PC, tablet, smartphone ..).
The transmission and saving of data takes place in encrypted mode to guarantee the highest level of security.
IREM-ON is housed on an IREM proprietary server.

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MINISTAB and STROSTAB are the names of the two series of IREM electromechanical voltage stabilizers with electronic control suitable for any type of load, they supply a stabilized voltage at the true RMS value even in the presence of strong harmonic distortions of the network.
In relation to the characteristics of the electrical network to be compensated and the power of the loads to be powered, IREM Voltage Stabilizers are divided into 6 different types.

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The supplying of radio and TV radio repeaters has always entailed problems and requirements that are difficult to solve: the most important among them are safety and continuity of operation.
IREM integrated power supplies series AI can meet the particular needs of the power supply of the telecommunications stations.

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Ministatic and Steroguard IREM Line Conditioners have been designed to provide the highest level of protection to electrical appliances connected to distribution lines disturbed by sudden voltage variations, HF noises and spikes.

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POWER QUALITY. Voltage Spikes

IREM has developed a High Protection Integrated Power Supply meeting the technical requirements that describe the technical specifications of the “Absorbeur d’Ondes” (AO).

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POWER QUALITY. High frequency disturbances

High frequency disturbances are caused by the sparks generated in the AC commutator motors, the “corona effect” on the high voltage lines, the igniters of luminous signs and burners, and by the magnetic fields irradiated by radio and TV stations.

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