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The VEOLIA Group, a leading company in the management of water, waste and energy, has chosen IREM hydroelectric turbines for micro and pico Hydro projects. An example of this collaboration is the “du Nant d’Arcier” hydroelectric power plant in the municipality of Saint Ferreol in Haute-Savoie – France.

VEOLIA Eau France chooses IREM

As manager of the drinking water network, VEOLIA proposed to the municipality to invest in a hydroelectric plant for the production of renewable energy.
The project is to transform the water supply of drinking water into electricity through the insertion of a hydroelectric turbine to be positioned at the entrance to the Champs d’Archex reservoir.

The new solution was designed with the inclusion of a Pelton-type IREM ECOWATT HYDRO turbine-generator unit with vertical axis specific for hydroelectric plants on aqueducts.
This solution, completely automated, is easy to insert and manage and is characterized by reduced maintenance.
The system has an electrical power of 15 kW generated with a head of 130 m and a flow rate of 16 l/s.

IREM is able to guarantee these production and quality standards for all current regulatory aspects, therefore with regard to specific applications on drinking water.

Pelton-type IREM ECOWATT HYDRO turbine-generator

The IREM Ecowatt Hydro hydroelectric turbines comply with the European Directive 98/83/EC “Regulations on the quality of water intended for human consumption” regulated in Italy by the Ministerial Decree 6 April 2004 n° 174 and in France by DGS/SDA7A n° 571 of 25 November 2002.

To date, IREM can boast more than 170 installations of hydroelectric turbines on drinking water aqueducts throughout the world.

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