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“Taylor made” Power Quality with IREM Ministatic

The electricity distribution networks of the various countries in the world supply electricity with different voltages and frequencies, the manufacturers of industrial equipment destined for export are therefore forced to develop specific solutions for each order to the detriment of the unification and rationalization of the technical design choices.
During the operation of the equipment, there are also complaints of uncertain determination and intermittent operations that almost always derive from power quality problems.
To meet this type of customer’s needs, in the industrial automation sector, IREM has developed a strongly customized Ministatic Line Conditioner, which allows the control of the industrial equipment to be fed directly from the network, disengaging from the type of distribution, from the voltage and frequency of the power supply in the country where the equipment will be installed. Furthermore, the size and shape of this Ministatic have been modified to allow them to be housed directly inside the industrial automation equipment.
The IREM Ministatic line conditioner functionally adapts the voltage, recreates a separate network outgoing with a limited short-circuit current value and ensures the supply is stabilized and filtered to the load, protecting it from overvoltages, amplitude variations and high frequency disturbances.
The design guidelines and the materials used make it possible to declare the compliance of the line conditioner with the different IEC and UL technical standards.

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