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Data Centers have always needed a high quality of the electrical network to prevent data loss and disruptions, even more nowadays with the massive use of dematerialized data, electronic documents and all the applications that are included in the world of the Blockchain.
Voltage stabiliser for DATA CENTER

In the design of power supply solutions for data centers we must therefore consider, in addition to the back-up time, also the level of quality of the energy distribution that offers not only a continuous power supply but also a clean and safe one. The datacenter electrical distribution network is generally made up of power backup devices (UPS, Gen Set), switching devices (STS, ATS) and protection devices such as Voltage Stabilizers, Network Conditioners and Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor.

The voltage stabilizer is often used in synergy with UPS systems and generating sets and in various plant configurations (in series, in parallel, in combination) to create different power supply strategies with high availability and a high level of Power Quality.

IREM STEROSTAB voltage stabilizer for DATA CENTER

The high energy efficiency that characterizes the IREM voltage stabilizers allows to reduce losses due to dissipation and overall improve the performance of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) which represents the measure of how efficient a data center is in the use of electricity that feeds it.

For this specific request IREM has designed a STEROSTAB Y432AN1800 voltage stabilizer with 1.800KVA power; 440V input voltage and ± 25% input variation; input current 3.200A; 440V output voltage, ± 1% output accuracy and 2.400A output current.
This STEROSTAB voltage stabilizer benefits from the IREM modular system: the stabilizer is divided into three single-phase units star connected to facilitate transport, handling and connection; each unit has a weight of 1.850Kg, and therefore allows it to be installed through the use of common means of manual handling.

The obtained result is therefore to improve the Power Quality of the power supply from the public distribution network so as to make it available to the powered equipment.

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