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The 2018 range of IREM Sterostab Voltage Stabilisers expands to 8,000 kVA. This result has been achieved thanks to the high degree of efficiency of the IREM Stabilisers, which allows the production of Power Quality equipment of high power rating while maintaining the completely natural air cooling (fan-free system).
Sterostab Voltage Stabilisers Y338, Y340 and Y342 are now available with IREM modular system in three cabinet having each one the size of 2150x1350x2150 mm. The Voltage Stabiliser Sterostab Y342AN8000 delivers a power of 8,000 kVA with ±10% input voltage compensation.
Advantages of IREM modular system:

    Smart solution to problems related to handling/shipping of bulky loads.
    Excellent solution avoiding the use of expensive lifting equipment and building of special openings to access the installation room.
    Easy intervention on one section ensuring the functionality of the other units.

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