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A special voltage stabilizer was installed in order to operate in harsh environmental conditions and with a high concentration of saline air.

IREM STEROSTAB: solutions dedicated to customer needs

The voltage stabilizer is installed in a port area and will be used to power large recreational boat.

The IREM STEROSTAB stabilizer, equipped with a selector for choosing the voltage value required from time to time by the recreational boat, will allow the boat to be powered when it is moored in the dock without having to resort to on-board generators which cause annoying noise pollution and it will contribute to the reduction of operating costs and the inconvenience of refueling management.

voltage stabilizer STEROSTAB IREM
voltage stabiliser IREM

In the study and construction of the stabilizer, all technical measures were taken to counteract the oxidizing and corrosive action promoted by the chlorides present in the sea air.

In the case of these special applications, it is a question of creating a specific product, the result of a dedicated study of all sensitive components, with particular attention to the anti-oxidant treatment of the electrical contact surfaces, the autoclave and vacuum impregnation of the wrapped magnetic components, the absence of bimetal junctions that can generate electro-chemical batteries and the implementation of all the precautions aimed at conferring the usual characteristics of reliability, sturdiness and durability of all IREM products.

The IP54 cabinet is made up of a self-supporting stainless steel frame to which the closing panels made of AISI 316 stainless steel with a scotch-brite surface finish have been applied.

The cooling of the stabilizer was achieved through thermostatically controlled electro extractors integrated into the top of the casing; the inlet point of the cooling air is placed at the bottom in the front position protected by a special shaped cover inside which there is a special absorption filter for the purification of saline air and an anti-condensation heater.

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