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The household electrical appliance sector produces millions of parts per year, and to guarantee this high productivity, automatic assembly lines must be in perfect working order at all times, with no sudden stops due to assembly line malfunctions.

To avoid electrical faults, machines must be protected against mains disturbances and be supplied with a high level of Power Quality.

IREM manufactures high-power network conditioners to protect automatic assembly equipment in the household appliance industry.
An important multinational in the household electrical appliance sector has chosen IREM as a partner in the construction of the new assembly lines, entrusting it with the construction of two Steroguard model Y319AC460-M network conditioners to ensure protection for single and multiline Cartesian axis robots and anthropomorphic robots.
These complex devices, which guarantee high performance in terms of cyclic assembly, load capacity and management of the different codes, must be supplied with a very high level of power quality.
IREM high-power network conditioners
IREM Steroguard network conditioners are the best performing solution for the electrical protection of equipment and are valid for use in the manufacturing industry with highly automated lines.

The Steroguard power conditioner protects the load from a wide spectrum of power quality problems such as:

  • Overvoltages of atmospheric origin with high energy content;
  • Overvoltages of internal origin;
  • Anomalies on the distribution of the neutral;
  • High frequency disturbances;
  • Asymmetrical voltage variations;
  • Reduction of residual overvoltages

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