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The FAI (Italian Environment Fund) on the occasion of the Spring Days has chosen to pay homage to the founder of IREM, Mario Celso, with a series of initiatives to remember the origins of his career and the consequent birth of IREM.

Since 1975, the FAI has been an Italian non-profit foundation that operates thanks to the support of private citizens, companies and institutions for the protection of the Italian historical, artistic and landscape heritage, periodically organizing visits, exhibitions and events linked to the territory.

FAI Italian Environment Fund homage to the founder of IREM, Mario Celso

Luna Nuova archive photo

On Saturday and Sunday 23 and 24 March, IREM participated in various initiatives, first of all the inauguration of the plaque dedicated to Mr. Mario Celso, historic founder of the company and Oscar winner in 1992; Mrs Giuseppina Celso together with the Mayor of S.Antonino di Susa Mrs Susanna Preacco inaugurated the plaque applied to the walls of the building where IREM was born way back in 1947.

FAI plaque dedicated to Mr. Mario Celso IREM
With the musical accompaniment of the Santa Cecilia Philharmonic Society, the event subsequently moved to the Istituto Comprensivo Cento Passi where a conference was held enriched by the speech of the historian Prof. Piero Del Vecchio and the screening of a film from the Valsusa Film Fest dedicated to the figure of Mario Celso: entrepreneur and innovator.
conference: Prof. Piero Del Vecchio speech

Also on the premises of the Cento Passi Institute was the exhibition “The prototypes of Mario Celso – The innovations of an Oscar-winning Valsusino”, where it was possible to admire period photographs and documents on the incredible story of Mario Celso.

Finally, in the panorama of events promoted by the FAI, it was possible to take part in the guided tour of the hydroelectric power plant located in Borgata Cattero in Sant’Antonino di Susa, where there is an IREM production turbine, as an example of a typical stand-alone plant for mountain communities which gave rise to the Hydro division of IREM.

To learn more about Mario Celso’s story, we invite you to visit the website

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