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As stated by leading manufacturers, metal halide lamps are still widely used and popular for lighting of sports facilities and large spaces due to their exceptional photometric performance:

  • extremely high luminous flux (up to 230,000 lm)
  • highly economical luminous efficiency (up to 115 lm / watt)
  • excellent color rendering index Ra / CRI (up to 90) compared to other discharge lamps
  • hot re-ignition capability

All these features make metal halide lamps a perfect alternative to LED lighting for sports facilities that require, for example, shorter lighting times or replacement of high-quality lamps for existing installations.

The IREM instant restrike ADI series igniters represent the state of the art for the ignition of Metal Halide lamps.
Their specific design allows the lamps to be instantly re-ignited following a blackout or short mains interruptions, unlike conventional igniters which require a wait of up to 15 minutes before being able to re-ignite the lamps.

IREM instant restrike igniters for metal halide lamps
instant restrike igniters for metal halide lamps
Thanks to this feature, the ADI series igniters represent the best solution to meet the safety or performance requirements of all applications that need to restore light instantly, such as: sports facilities, stadiums and large outdoor areas.

Sports lighting classes

Sports lighting has three main categories of lighting classes according to the CEN standard:

Lighting class I

  • High performance competitions, such as international and national competitions
  • Large number of spectators and large distances of view
  • Professional training

Lighting class II

  • Mid-level competitions, such as regional or local competitions
  • Medium number of viewers and medium viewing distances
  • Semi-professional training

Lighting class III

  • Simple competitions, such as local or small club competitions
  • Generally without the participation of spectators
  • Amateur training
  • School sport
  • Recreational sport
Sport Lighting: instant restrike igniters for metal halide lamps

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