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Now available a new model of IREM Pelton single-jet vertical axis “TPMA” turbine suitable for installations on drinking water.

Turbines IREM special for hydroelectric plant installed on aqueduct

Extreme hydraulic conditions can lead to the need for special turbines, sometimes out of construction standards.

When you are in particular situations, for example with very high jumps, low flow rates and very clean waters, typically we are dealing with aqueducts and the classic and consolidated Pelton multi-jet Irem Ecowatt Hydro, which, in conventional plants, guarantee the already known advantages, sometimes are not the ideal machine. So in these cases the best choice is a single-jet turbine equipped with a doble plug.

IREM has created the new TPMA model (Pelton Single Jet Asynchronous Turbine), which combines the advantages of a traditional single jet with the typical IREM characteristics: vertical axis, machine compactness and maximum efficiency are only the main strenghts of this model.

Pelton multi-jet Irem Ecowatt Hydro

Hygienic safety and product guarantees are ensured by IREM certified manufacturing processes: the TPMA model is suitable for use in hydroelectric plants installed on aqueducts, in compliance with the regulations on processes and materials that can be used in contact with water intended for human consumption. Regulated in Europe by the European directive 98/83 / EC, in Italy by DM 174/2004 and in France by the ACS (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire).

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