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IREM’s experience in the design and manufacture of enclosures with a high degree of protection extends the range of power supplies for short arc Xenon lamps.
The new EX-170GM / 3-E electronic power supplies for Xenon lamps with IP54 protection degree are now available. These power supplies are suitable for all applications that require an adequate level of protection both against dangerous parts inside the equipment and against the penetration of solid foreign bodies and water in accordance with the degree of protection IP54 according to EN 60529.
Each IP54 cabinet can be equipped with two EX-170GM / 3-E electronic power supplies, each one intended to power a single Xenon lamp in the 2000W-3000W power range.
In this way, with one single cabinet it is possible to independently supply and control two different Xenon lamps by acting on the relevant power supplies.
After ignition the lamp current is stabilized by the power supplies at the pre-set value with residual ripple (Ripple) ≤ 1.5% in order to guarantee a long lamp life.
The forced ventilation system with IP54 filters, controlled by internal thermostats, allows the installation of the equipment in rooms with ambient temperature between 0° C and +45° C.
To facilitate the operations of the personnel in charge of the installation and the ordinary maintenance, and to guarantee an appropriate level of safety, the internal components are arranged easily behind the front door, which can only be opened by means of a special tool.

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Thanks to their technical characteristics of reliability and quality, IREM products represent the ideal solution for multiple applications and areas of use of short arc Xenon lamps.

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IREM igniters the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER by Yoko Ono

The IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is an outdoor art work in Iceland opened in 2007 to the public, that wants to send the message of love and peace to the world by means of light. The light beam of the peace tower is made by 15 searchlights, 6 smaller searchlights of 2kW and 9 bigger ones of 7kW.

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