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IREM has just finalized the supply of sixteen STEROGUARD Line Conditioners to power an important telecommunications infrastructure in Bangladesh.

The Line Conditioners group four different devices each into a single device of which is dedicated to the compensation or attenuation of a specific electrical anomaly:

  • a voltage surge suppressor;
  • a network filter;
  • a high attenuation isolation transformer;
  • a voltage regulator.

The sites where the repeaters are located are often far from urban areas and exposed to the risk of lightning strikes, which is why they require specific protection and POWER QUALITY solutions to ensure their power supply.

Line Conditioners for telecommunications infrastructure

The IREM solutions will be installed in the various points that make up the power network, to protect it from overvoltages of atmospheric origin, stabilize the voltage and filter disturbances coming from the line.

The sixteen IREM Line Conditioners used for this application are characterized by:

  • Rated power: 180kVA
  • Input voltage: 400V/230V – 3P+N 50/60Hz
  • Input voltage variation: ± 20%
  • Output voltage: 400V/230V – 3P+N
  • Output voltage accuracy: ±1%
  • Multifunction digital instrumentation with graphic display for the accurate measurement and display of all the electrical quantities of the input and output network as improved by the Line Conditioner
  • Advanced communication via potential-free status contacts for complete integration into the PLC control system
  • Protection system against voltage drift for the control of the switching and activation system of the generating sets
  • High attenuation isolation transformer specific for powering distorting loads
  • By-Pass created with n. 3 appropriately interlocked circuit breakers to implement the operating conditions of the Line Conditioner

IREM Line Conditioners provide a maximum level of protection to high power appliances, with high electromagnetic susceptibility, connected to distribution lines disturbed by sudden voltage variations, high frequency interferences and voltage spikes. The voltage regulation system is made up exclusively of magnetic components capable of supporting loads with high inrush currents. The use of electronic components is limited to mains control and command of the magnetic components that stabilize the voltage. Thanks to these features, the electromechanical line conditioners stand apart for their high electromagnetic immunity and for the reliability characterised by a MTBF longer than 500,000 hours. They are, therefore, particularly suitable to solve power quality problems of electric users like radio-TV transmitters, telephone systems, radar systems, motors, compressors, pumps, medical equipment, machine tools and so on.

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