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One of the most important factors in Power Quality is the continuity of the electricity supply service and therefore the lack of interruptions in the electricity supply.
Although the distribution companies pay particular attention to the continuity of the electricity service through continuous monitoring of the distribution networks, there are still phenomena of interruption of the electricity which, in addition to preventing the electricity system from supplying the loads at any time, cause various problems for connected users.

The problem of power failure

Interruptions of electricity (or power failure) can be defined as short or long periods of time in which electricity is missing, they can originate at different points along the distribution line involving both the high voltage network and the low voltage network.
There are two different types of power failure:

  • Interruptions “with notice” (notified at least one day before)
  • Interruptions “without notice” (being unpredictable, they are the ones that generate the main inconveniences for the users connected to the electricity network)

Interruptions “without notice” can be classified in their turn in three different typologies:

  • long (lasting longer than three minutes)
  • short (duration between one second and three minutes)
  • transient (duration less than one second)

Blockages of automated production lines in the industrial sector, periods of inactivity for service companies, loss or damage of data for IT companies are some examples of problems caused by power outages that can occur daily both in the industrial sector than in the service sector. The economic inconveniences that derive from this are certainly not negligible.

To solve problems related to power outages IREM offers a wide range of appliances specially designed to guarantee users the continuity of the electricity service: the UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SYSTEMS (UPS) MINIPOWER and STEROPOWER.

POWER QUALITY. How to protect users from power failure | IREM



Minipower and Steropower are on line double-conversion uninterruptible power supply units, engineered to ensure highest level of protection for: high-quality machines that manage processes that, if interrupted, would result in considerable damage and/or risks; sensitive electronic equipment used in an industrial environment where, apart from power failure, temporary voltage fluctuations and strong harmonic distortions can occur.
These UPS are therefore particularly suitable for protecting and guaranteeing maximum reliability for “critical mission” devices such as: electromedical equipment, IT systems, telecommunications systems, IT networks, IT applications, industrial automation, and all critical systems in general.


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