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Power Quality IREM Applications

The highest level of protection against the effects of overvoltages with high energy content and the best defense of strategic users is achieved by the IREM High Protection Integrated Power Supply which ensures the transition from “Lightning Protection Zones” LPZ 0 to LPZ 3.
The High Protection Integrated Power Supply (AO) consists of devices that operate by switching, limiting and dissipating energy, allowing lightning overvoltage to be reduced, with a current of 200KA in 10 / 350μs waveform, to very low values, typically 0.5kV, therefore tolerated even by the most sensitive loads.

Recently, to meet the special Power Quality requirements of an important broadcasting plant, IREM has created an Integrated Power Supply with a nominal power of 1.400 kVA used in association with a Voltage Stabilizer, so as to integrate the protection function with the reduction function of voltage variations.
The IREM Sterostab Y324AN1400 Voltage Stabilizer ensures a constant and stabilized voltage to the load in the presence of a mains fluctuation of ± 20% and a voltage asymmetry of the three-phase system up to 100%.
The Integrated Power Supply (AO) and Voltage Stabilizer unit constitute the fulcrum of the protected power supply of an important telecommunications infrastructure characterized by the presence of delicate and expensive shooting and transmission equipment that require protection “without compromise” either against the action of direct lightning that from disturbances and fluctuations of the network.
The equipment produced has very limited dimensions in relation to the considerable electric power managed, a characteristic much appreciated by the customer especially in consideration of the limited space availability of the technical rooms of the transmission station.
Even in presence of such limited dimensions, the cooling of the equipment takes place, as per IREM standard, solely due to natural air convection: complete absence of fans. This result is achieved through the adoption of particular design criteria and the use of selected materials so as to have a high efficiency and therefore a reduced thermal dissipation in the environment and consequently also lower operating costs for the air conditioning of the premises.

Integrated Power Supply and Voltage Stabilizer - IREM Power Quality

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