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POWER QUALITY. High frequency disturbances IREM
High frequency disturbances are caused by the sparks generated in the AC commutator motors, the “corona effect” on the high voltage lines, the igniters of luminous signs and burners, and by the magnetic fields irradiated by radio and TV stations. Line disturbances, also known as HF noise, do not generally create problems on electromechanical equipment, but can often damage a sensitive electronic equipment.

The operators of TLC plants are well aware of the direct and indirect costs deriving from a poor power supply.
As a matter of fact, the costs deriving from service interruption and from “low audience efficiency” must be added to the failures which may occur to the plants.
In order to obtain the maximum economic yield from the service, it is fundamental to build an electric plant assuring a good protection of the transmission plants and the safety of operators employed in plant maintenance. Since the isolation transformer is one of the most important components of the electric plant, the use of a specific product is essential.



IREM Isolation Transformers IT series have been expressly designed to be used in the telecommunications sector.
The supply of telecommunication plants has always entailed several problems and specific requirements difficult to meet.
The difficulty of reaching the installation sites for service purposes, the exposure to atmospheric discharges and the length of electric lines with consequent voltage drops represent critical elements that require the use of equipment expressly dedicated to this sector.
Isolation transformers with different mechanical and electrical features can be manufactured on customer’s request.
All IREM IT isolation transformers are characterized by a recessed concentric winding configuration, a low output impedance and the insensitivity to load power factor in order to assure high attenuation and good galvanic separation of the loads from the mains.

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Ministatic and Steroguard IREM Line Conditioners have been designed to provide the highest level of protection to electrical appliances connected to distribution lines disturbed by sudden voltage variations, HF noises and spikes.

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POWER QUALITY. Voltage Spikes

IREM has developed a High Protection Integrated Power Supply meeting the technical requirements that describe the technical specifications of the “Absorbeur d’Ondes” (AO).

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POWER QUALITY. Variable Harmonics

The voltage and current harmonics superimposed on the fundamental have combined effects on the equipment and devices connected to the electrical network. Some non-linear loads determine a harmonic content distributed over a very wide spectrum, therefore variable both in the harmonic order and in the intensity.

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POWER QUALITY. Harmonics in electric Power Supply

The harmonics in electrical systems are electrical currents or sinusoidal electrical voltages that have a frequency equal to an integer multiple of the frequency of the distribution system, called the fundamental frequency. By overlapping the Fundamental Current and the Fundamental Voltage respectively, they cause the distortion of the waveform.

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POWER QUALITY. Voltage imbalances

Voltage imbalances are one of the most common Power Quality problems in three-phase electrical networks. Being often overlooked, they can cause serious damage to electrical and electronic equipment.

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