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Power Lighting for architectural lighting - IREM

Architectural lighting was created to highlight facades of buildings, museums, monuments, and architectural assets in order to enhance their beauty and cultural artistic value even during the evening and night hours.
Achieving excellent results capable of creating high-impact atmospheres for the viewer is only possible through the design of special lighting systems that require the use of equally special lamps and fixtures.

For the architectural lighting sector, IREM offers Power supplies and Igniters specifically designed and built to supply high intensity discharge lamps (Xenon, HMI, MSR, MSI, etc.) used for the realization of the most ambitious and exclusive lighting projects.

The IREM range of power supplies and igniters for architectural lighting is characterized by a special design based on ease of installation, hot restrike capacity, reliability and high power quality that are synonymous with performance and long life of discharge lamps.

IREM Power Lighting for architectural lighting
night architectural lighting - IREM Power Lighting
Power supplies and Igniters IREM for architectural lighting
IREM Power Lighting: Power supplies and Igniters architectural lighting

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Thanks to their technical characteristics of reliability and quality, IREM products represent the ideal solution for multiple applications and areas of use of short arc Xenon lamps.

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IREM igniters the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER by Yoko Ono

The IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is an outdoor art work in Iceland opened in 2007 to the public, that wants to send the message of love and peace to the world by means of light. The light beam of the peace tower is made by 15 searchlights, 6 smaller searchlights of 2kW and 9 bigger ones of 7kW.

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