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When you are in presence of electrical users, of extremely low power and you do not have a connection to the national electricity grid, IREM is able to supply hydroelectric turbines of very limited size and potential without sacrificing reliability and high quality.

With the PELTON IREM turbines of the TPD series, the electricity produced is transformed into direct current and generally used near the hydroelectric power plant.

Pelton Turbine TPD: power range

These installations find their place in shelters, cabins or mountain pastures, where the primary need is to have simple hydroelectric systems, easy to install and low maintenance.

An equally widespread application, which however fulfills other needs, is found in the aqueducts where these Pico Hydro plants, with PELTON IREM TPD series turbines, are used to power remote signaling systems, drinking water and disinfection systems by means of ultraviolet rays, now used instead of more invasive and obsolete equipment such as chlorinators, making the disinfection treatment less impactful than the organoleptic qualities of the water. The whole IREM ECOWATT HYDRO range intended for aqueduct systems is compliant and certified with the D.M. 174/2004-Italy and ACS-France and therefore suitable for contact with water intended for human consumption.

The PICO HYDRO IREM System, which is capable of generating electricity in direct current at 24V, consists of a Pelton turbine / generator (TPD) and an R500 electronic charger regulator.
The optimization of such reduced power takes place by managing storage systems capable of meeting the absorption peaks and the daily demand for total energy required.
The IREM proposal is able to create very simple systems as a whole, starting from the intake work, passing through the ducts up to the extremely compact electromechanical components.
This solution is also able to limit costs and minimize the environmental impact without sacrificing safety and quality.



  • Alpine pastures, huts and shelters
  • Supply of metering stations for drinking water networks
  • Power supply of drinking water systems on aqueduct systems
  • Supply for irrigation systems monitoring systems
  • Power supply surveillance systems for intake works
  • Power supply of weather data stations
Pelton Turbine TPD: great performance in small size

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