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Lizarraga’s micro mains is an electrical distribution network in stand-alone configuration that generates, stores and consumes its own energy. The Lizarraga micro mains project was carried out in Sakana (Spain) to generate energy through renewable sources (photovoltaic and hydroelectric) by storing energy through the pumping of distributed water.
A micro-network that integrates the different roles of users (generators, consumers or both at the same time) intelligently, in order to obtain an efficient, safe and sustainable supply of electricity. The project highlights the potential to effectively integrate different renewable energy sources not only for generation, but also for energy storage.

The hydroelectric micro-plant is characterized by a net head of 90 m and a flow of 20 l / s, therefore an IREM Ecowatt Hydro Turbine was selected, Model TPA041 / 230 with 6 jets, with on / off valves equipped with 24V actuators.

Aerial viewelectrical distribution network Lizarraga micro mains - IREM
IREM Pelton turbine for Lizarraga micro mains

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