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Problems with harmonics? IREM provides the solution!

A practical example of the use of IREM passive filters is the industrial sector of waste and recycling which involves the use of Grinder for the shredding of plastic materials with AC motor and VFD drive, a difficult situation for continuous service and in a context with strong variations. of the load regime and frequent transients with high torques resistsnti.

Passive harmonic filter for high power application

An IREM PHF750 AN filter with these characteristics was used for this project:

  • 750A – Motor power 400KW
  • 400V ± 10%
  • Degree of protection IP21
  • Structure and casing in painted sheet metal


This filter gives excellent performance with a measurement of the reduction of the initial THDi of 58% to the residual THDir of less than 5% even at partial power.

The fields of application of passive filters are many:

  • In general AC and DC drives;
  • Drinking water and waste water;
  • Industrial equipment;
  • Extractive and Mining Industry;
  • Oil & Gas;
  • Smoke abatement and treatment plants;
  • Industrial extraction systems;
  • HVAC air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
Passive harmonic filter for high power application

IREM passive filters have several strengths:

  • Increase the power factor from 0.75 to 0.95;
  • Improve Power Quality;
  • Reduce losses in LV distribution;
  • Prevent power factor correction capacitor failures;
  • Reduce the harmonic content in current fed into the grid to values ​​≤ 5%;
  • Reduce system loss due to harmonic distortion;
  • Reduce flicker;
  • Improve the power factor
  • Compact solution, ideal for retrofits;
  • Wide range of currents from 3A to 1400A;
  • Wide range of voltages 230 – 400 – 480 – 690 Vac.
  • Complies with the provisions of IEEE519 and IEC61000-3-12 regulations;

IREM creates customized solutions with input and output network analyzers in order to appreciate the reduction of the harmonic content operated on the power supply.

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