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IremON, the platform for monitoring parameters relating to “Power Quality” and accounting for energy savings of Voltage Stabilizers and Energy Economizers produced by IREM, arrives on mobile devices with a new app available for Android and iOS devices.

The IremOn App will support the IremON website and will offer users an even more flexible experience for viewing the progress of the electrical parameters detected by the remote control instrumentation installed on board the IREM devices.

From the energy saved to the verification of harmonic disturbance, passing through voltage control and more: everything always within reach of your smartphone and tablet!

The IremoN app allows you to:

  • Monitor electrical quantities in real time: currents, voltages, powers, incidence of harmonic disturbances
  • View the amount of energy savings achieved
  • Consult historical data in graphical or tabular form.
  • Download pre-configured reports of historical data complete with narrative and regulatory framework.
  • Geolocate devices on digital maps.
New IremON app. Available for Android and iOS
New IremON app. Available for Android and iOS

A step forward towards smart energy

IremON app represents an important step forward towards smart energy, offering users complete and timely control of their energy consumption and the suitability of the electricity supply to their user equipment. Thanks to the availability of these functions, it will be even easier to appreciate the benefits deriving from the performance of the IREM devices as well as planning any further optimization actions following the installation of the equipment.

Availability and compatibility

The IremON app is available for free download on the Google Play Store and App Store. Compatible for Android 6.0+ and iOS 13.4+ devices.

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