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Power supply for short arc xenon lamps

EX-75D/1 represents the last proposal of IREM to supply the short arc Xenon lamps within 450W – 2000W power range.

A new concept of compact, lightweight and efficient electronic power supply suitable for all the applications that use Xenon lamps (film projection, solar simulation, searchlights, architectural lighting, events etc.).

High efficiency, energy saving and compact size are the result of the EX-75D/1 innovative design which use Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors of new generation.

Main benefits:

  • High efficiency
  • Very low ripple current for a long lamp’s lifetime
  • Output current stabilized by electronic feedback & digital control
  • Control panel easy to use
  • Operating parameters displayed on LCD panel
  • Integrated active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Single phase and/or phase to phase connection
  • Compact size and lightweight

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