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The new AEC and AES electric actuators for automatic water flow regulation on IREM Ecowatt Hydro turbines are now available. Innovation in mechanical components, with further improved reliability and duration, and in electronic control thanks to a special torque control system.

The valve and actuator groups are entirely designed and manufactured by IREM. No “commercial” component is used.

Only hydraulic valves by IREM! This solution implies the full know-how property which determines four main advantages:
– Production of devices fully compliant to the strict quality standards of IREM
– Full control of the whole production process
– Production of devices with performance optimized for the specific function they are intended for
– Availability of spare parts over the time.

Only electric actuators by IREM ! This solution, besides the advantages described above, permits to:
– Optimize the ergonomics and overall dimensions of the machine
– Make the ordinary maintenance operations easier.

The flow regulation through electric actuators avoids hydraulic drives, eliminating the presence of lubricating oils in the plant. This solution eliminates the risk of water pollution, very important aspect for both aqueduct installations and conventional water-flow hydropower plants.
Electrical automation also reduces the risk of pressure shock, ensuring precise manoeuvring times. The actuator supply voltage is 24 VDC, ensuring maximum safety with the PELV power supply circuit.

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