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IREM has recently completed the design and construction of three power systems in I+I redundant configuration for a high reliability power system with line conditioners.

Redundancy, in reliability engineering, is defined as having multiple means to perform a given function.
In practice, redundancy consists in the duplication of the critical components of a system with the intention of increasing their reliability and availability, in particular for the functions of vital importance to ensure the safety of the plants so as to ensure production continuity.

IREM network conditioners in redundant configuration
The supply consists of three 160KVA systems in redundant configuration.
Each redundant system is in turn composed of two identical line conditioners connected in parallel and managed by a dedicated operating logic and automatic load switching.

Each line conditioner is physically made with a structure divided into functional units which individually perform the functions of separation from the network, voltage stabilization and switching.

Network conditioners in redundant configuration
In plants, “absolute” safety is not achievable, however for certain important applications we try to get there as close as possible by balancing benefits and costs. A simple way to approach it is that of redundancy. By doubling the security systems, overall security increases exponentially.

The three redundant systems supplied by IREM will be installed to protect all the strategic loads of an Oil & Gas plant.
The line conditioners will allow to power the loads which in relation to the function in the process activity require a filtered and stable power supply.

The critical operating conditions in the Oil & Gas industry place high demands on control and safety systems. The redundancy of the electrical power systems is the fundamental pillar to implement it.

Each system is made up of power conditioners IREM Steroguard 2 * Y217AC160CD – REDUNDANT

  • Power: 160 kVA + 160 kVA
  • Input voltage: 480V – 3P 50/60Hz±5%
  • Input voltage variation: ± 20%
  • Maximum input current: 240A
  • Output voltage: 208V/120V – 3P+N
  • Output voltage accuracy: ± 1%
  • Maximum output current: 444A
Each redundant system consists of two identical branches that receive power input from separate lines.

Each branch is composed of an input switch, multifunction digital instrumentation and K13 isolation transformer with functional adaptation of the voltage from 480V to 208V. Voltage stabilizer with independent phase regulation equipped with multifunction digital instrumentation. Parallel unit and network switching complete with logics and contactors. The parallel unit is equipped with light signals of the functional status of the two line conditioners.

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