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Irem voltage stabilizers to counteract the lowering of the Power Quality level

The Voltage Stabiliser is a device that permits to solve some of the problems that arise in the power distribution network affecting the Power Quality level acquired by the power consumers.
Energy companies generate electricity with correct voltage; however, line failures, atmospheric phenomena, continuous load variations and disturbances generated by the users themselves do not guarantee a constant voltage to any user at nominal value within the 10% tolerance provided for in the supply contracts and recalled by CEI EN 50160.
Moreover, such tolerance is often unacceptable for sensible electrical users requiring to operate in a range of voltage variations very close to the nominal value.

Voltage fluctuations are disturbing phenomena that, if not resolved, drastically reduce the level of Power Quality generating a lot of electrical power problems.
Lowering the level of Power Quality is a particularly unfocused phenomenon as it often does not occur with a clear and tangible event but dramatically reduces the performance and life expectancy of equipment and electrical machines. Some examples:

  • Laser cutting machines undergo power outages or alterations of the “laser beam mode” resulting in blemishes on the cut result;
  • Electronic drives suffer damage to data memories and power terminals or cause undesirable variations in the speed of the powered engine;
  • Data center servers can be damaged or make unpredictable errors;
  • Electromedical equipment provides incorrect results, waste expensive reagents up to possible data loss of the analyses carried out.

Voltage stabilisers are the true solution to the problems caused by voltage fluctuations, they are able to guarantee a perfectly stable supply voltage to the electrical loads connected to them.

Voltage stabilizers to counteract the lowering of the Power Quality level

IREM Ministab and Sterostab Voltage Stabilisers are particularly suitable for those applications where it is required:

  • Great reliability (5 years warranty) and low maintenance (natural cooling without fans – fan-free system). For example, in case of installations in difficult to reach locations, subject to critical environmental conditions for temperature, humidity and atmospheric discharges;
  • Compensation capacity of large variations in the mains voltage. This is a typical requirement of those plants far away from the distribution cabins or installed in critical electrical networks;
  • High precision of the stabilised voltage. Ideal condition for calibration and test benches, electric ovens, laser cutting machines and professional lighting fixtures;
  • Stabilisation of high power users or with high inrush currents such as motors, air conditioners, compressors, pumps;
  • Wide choice of versions. Depending on the ambient conditions, IP00, IP21, IP54 indoor and IP54 outdoor enclosures are available.

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