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Power Quality: Steroguard Line Conditioners customized

With the increasingly widespread use of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, it is essential to have a “clean” and stable mains power supply to protect and make critical applications reliable.

IREM Steroguard Line Conditioners represent the solution for most of the disturbances coming from the electrical network: they offer complete galvanic isolation of the line, reduce the variation in amplitude through Voltage Stabilization, exert a filter action for high frequency disturbances and suppress common mode and differential mode voltage spikes.
The particularity of this supply is represented by having developed an extremely compact solution in order to be installed inside the existing technical rooms characterized by a reduced availability of space.
These three-phase line conditioners, rated 150 KVA, protect the printing equipment of an important printer from voltage spikes, switching transients, lightning and induced overvoltages. In particular, the protection is implemented through a specially designed surge suppression circuit which includes a shielded isolation transformer, filters and a Voltage Stabilization section capable of compensating for an input variation of ±25%.
These particular IREM Line Conditioners of the Steroguard range guarantee a high level of Power Quality by restoring a sinusoidal and regulated waveform, isolated from input disturbances including pulses, increases and decreases in voltage and ensure correction of the waveform distortion.
A single metal structure with IP54 – IK10 – protection degree for indoor installation houses the high attenuation isolation transformer, the voltage stabilizer, the harmonic filter, the combined surge arresters, the RFI filters and the maintenance by-pass located in a special section of the enclosure duly segregated.

These line conditioners represent a concrete example of IREM’s production capacity to develop solutions dedicated to support the customer in the realization of their projects.

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