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IREM Isolation Transformers for a gas turbine power plant

The IT system is implemented through the isolation transformer. It is therefore essential that this electric machine is built according to high quality requirements, both in terms of dimensioning of magnetic components and of production process standards.
The power supply systems with neutral isolated from earth (IT systems) are used when a first insulation fault does not lead to the activation of a protection device and therefore to the interruption of the power supply.
Typical areas of use are, for example, energy production plants, environments for medical use, sensitive processes in the industrial field, zootechnical plants, controlled drives and many others.

IREM has just completed the supply of 10 pcs K25 insulation transformers with capacities ranging from 160 KVA to 400 KVA, destined for the energy sector – powering of control systems of a gas turbine power plant – produced according to detailed technical specifications and integrated by the permanent measurement system of the insulation resistance of the separate circuit.
In particular, the design took into consideration the tendency to saturation deriving from non-linear loads and from the DC components of the waveform caused by the harmonic components present in a consistent manner.
The isolation transformers supplied are characterized by primary voltage regulation taps, triple electrostatic screen, copper winding, class H insulation (180°C) with maximum working temperature corresponding to class E (120°C) .
The application in the energy production sector had to take into account the sizing for the short-circuit capacity of the input mains, the “tropicalized” version (Environmental Class E2 – HD464) and the dielectric strength of 6 KV.
All these features have led a primary customer in the electrical sector to choose IREM as a supplier of total quality solutions, without compromise.

gas turbine power plant: IREM Isolation Transformers

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