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Isolation transformers are devices that transfer electrical energy between two circuits while maintaining galvanic separation, i.e. preventing the direct passage of direct current and electrical disturbances. This insulation prevents electrical discharges and short circuits, eliminates noise and electrical interference and prevents damage from surges.

Isolation transformers find application in numerous sectors where the quality and safety of the electrical supply are crucial, such as in hospital environments, to protect sensitive medical equipment, in industrial plants, to safeguard machinery, and in data centers to ensure reliability of computer systems. Furthermore, they are used in research laboratories, telecommunications and electrical distribution networks to manage low voltage, improve Power Quality and ensure the protection of electronic equipment.

Isolation transformer IREM
Isolation transformer IREM
Isolation transformer IREM

What solutions does IREM offer?

IREM continues to offer cutting-edge solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of our customers:

  • IREM’s ITT Series isolation transformers (single-phase ITT 1XX and three-phase ITT 3 XX) are designed for low voltage power applications, available in single-phase, three-phase and three-single-phase configurations. With a power of 1-350 kVA and 3-1600 kVA, and a frequency of 50/60Hz, they find application in industrial control systems and energy distribution systems.
  • IT Broadcast Series isolation transformers are made specifically for the telecommunications industry, these transformers address the unique challenges of telephone system and radio and television repeater installations. They solve site accessibility problems, mitigate voltage drops on long power lines and protect against atmospheric discharges.
  • The High Attenuation Isolation Transformers of the RS Series, with a high attenuation of common mode disturbances, are ideal for protecting against overvoltages caused by lightning and switching.
  • Finally, in the ARM Series, we find the High Isolation and High Attenuation Transformers, which withstand high impulse insulation voltages at 50Hz frequency and provide high interference attenuation.

    Alternatively, the AM2 Series transformers, classified as “class II transformers”, offer certified compliance with the EN 61558-1 standard, guaranteeing safety and operational continuity with the possibility of interposing a thermal-magnetic protection without differential function and installing arresters on the primary for protection against atmospheric overvoltages.

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