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Now also the Voltage Stabilizers can be connected to the IREM-ON cloud platform. Suitably adapted and implemented with dashboards dedicated to Voltage Stabilizers, IREM-ON is the IREM cloud platform that aims to network all the products of the Power Quality line.
With this important work tool it is possible to monitor in real time all the main electrical parameters of your system related to Power Quality, such as:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Power factor
  • THD

In addition to real-time data consultation, it is possible to view the history and download it.

With IREM-ON it is possible to access the data of the Voltage Stabilizers through any device connected to the network, simply and immediately. The transmission and saving of data takes place in encrypted mode to guarantee the highest level of security.
IREM-ON is hosted on an IREM proprietary server.

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