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IREM offers a wide range of specific power supplies and igniters for Xenon gas discharge lamps for solar simulation.
The fundamental part of a solar simulator is the light source typically constituted by a powerful Xenon gas discharge lamp able to emit white light very close to that of the Sun (about 6000 K) whose performance, duration and stability depend on the quality of power supplies and ignitors used to power it.
IREM power supplies and igniters, characterized by high stability, reliability and high performance are therefore the ideal choice for the supply of short arc Xenon lamps for solar simulation in professional and highly specialized areas such as aerospace research, scientific research, industrial processes, processes of material qualification and testing.
IREM range of power supplies and igniters is expressly designed to ensure correct operation and long life for short arc Xenon lamps from 150W to 10kW.

Main characteristics of IREM electronic ballasts:
  • Reliability
  • Low current ripple
  • Stabilised lamp current
  • Programmable and monitorable lamp parameters
  • High efficiency
  • Single-phase versions with PFC from 150W up to 3000W
  • Analog remote control (dry contacts)
  • Digital remote control (RS-232, RS-485 – IREM protocol)
  • Reduced dimensions and weight
  • Rack versions

Proposed models:
EX-30G/1, EX-75D/1, EX-100D/1, EX-100GM/3, EX-170GM/3, EX-200GM/3

Main characteristics of IREM igniters:
  • Reliability
  • Reduced dimensions and weight
  • Suitable for hot restrike
  • AC or DC power supply
  • Versions with integrated timer and automatic ignition

Proposed models:
ASC-3040, ASC-5030, ASC-12040, AS-1530, AS-3040, AS-8030, AS-16040A, ASN-1000A

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