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Since 1994 the Sacra di San Michele has become a Symbol Monument of Piedmont and its charm has inspired the writer Umberto Eco to write the novel “The name of the rose”.

The history of the Sacra di San Michele has very ancient roots. Around 983-987 San Giovanni Vincenzo, bishop of Ravenna, inspired by a vision of the archangel, began the construction of the church dedicated to San Michele on Mount Pirchiriano, in the Susa Valley. The Sacra stands at the center of a perfect line that connects 7 sanctuaries dedicated to St. Michael in six different states: Ireland, Great Britain, France, Greece and Israel.

Given the great success achieved previously, from 23 to 30 September 2023, the image of the Archangel Michael was projected again on the thousand-year-old walls of the Sacra, accompanied by a beam of light to symbolize his valiant sword.

Project born from an idea of photographer Franco Borrelli, developed by Michele Peyrani and created by the companies Spacecannon (also involved in the “Imagine Peace Tower” project in Reykjavik) and Proietta.

"sword of light" at the Sacra di San Michele

The projector used during the event is equipped with XBO 7000W Xstage lamps, powered by our EX-170GM/3-E 400V electronic ballasts and IREM AS-16040 high voltage igniters.

The suggestive effect of the “sword of light” during the event was created by a Spacecannon projector equipped with a 7000W Xenon lamp powered by an IREM model AS-16040A high voltage igniter and by an IREM model EX-170 GM / 3-E electronic power supply.

IREM high voltage igniters
electronic power supplies for Xenon lamps

IREM products for professional lighting are used in very different applications:

  • Search lights
  • Cinema projection
  • Theatrical lighting
  • Events
  • Solar simulation
  • Industrial and scientific applications

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