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IREM IT series isolation transformers in special version

Ready the last batch of an important order consisting of 32 IREM Isolation Transformers of the IT family with a nominal power of 300 kVA.

The machines are intended for the Middle East market and will be used to power several data centers.

These IREM IT series Isolation Transformers have been realized with particular sizing criteria to satisfy the technical requirements of the Customer both in terms of performance and in terms of high efficiency.

Particular technical features are the reduced magnetization current, the ability to operate in a context characterized by a high harmonic content K-20, the multiple primary voltage selection device, the triple electrostatic shield with anti-flow coil, the winding in copper, the use of insulating materials in class C (200 ° C) with maximum temperature at full load corresponding to Class F (155 ° C) and the presence of thermo probes at differentiated temperatures to measure the temperature of the windings and the core.

The protective casing of these Isolation Transformers has been specifically designed to allow the entry of power cables both from the top and from the bottom and to integrate both the ventilation openings and the side inspection windows.

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