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IREM Ecowatt Hydro turbines intended to be installed on aqueducts can now be accompanied by a certificate of conformity to D.M. 174/2004 issued by a qualified laboratory.
The Ministerial Decree 174/2004 “Regulation on materials and devices that can be used in fixed installations for capture, treatment, introduction and distribution of water intended for human consumption” is the implementation of Directive 98/83/EC on quality of drinking water. Therefore, all the installed components must comply with this legislative provision.
To confirm our attention to the safety of our products, we have decided to submit IREM Ecowatt Hydro hydroelectric turbines and the entire production process to a qualified laboratory in charge of hygiene safety, verification and homologation of equipment, machinery and processes.
From now on it is possible to request IREM hydroelectric turbines certified by a qualified laboratory.
This particular certification will be in favor of the various stakeholders involved in the project and in the construction of a hydroelectric power plant on an aqueduct:

  • Private Customers: when proposing hydroelectric projects with installation on aqueducts they will be in a privileged position with IREM products.
  • Procurement Stations and Aqueduct Managers: they will have higher-level certifications to ensure significant remission of liability in terms of security.
  • Professionals: they will benefit from significant remission of liability in terms of security and will receive a full-featured documentation immediately available.
  • Users / Maintenance Managers: They will have a detailed manual with specific instructions to perform all the necessary installation, management and maintenance operations in total security.

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IREM Ecowatt Hydro Pelton turbines are designed and manufactured entirely by IREM to ensure reliable operation, with the aim of minimizing installation, commissioning and maintenance activities.

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