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The reproduction of light as close to natural daylight is possible only by means of specific and powerful light sources and special ballasts.

Within the wide range of Ballasts for powering metal halide discharge lamps, IREM offers the BC-18K models specific for 18000W lamps.

The applications that need to reproduce natural lighting with a spectrum and power similar to sunlight range in different specialized sectors.

Discharge lamps and ballasts, in addition to being reference products for the historical architectural and stage lighting sectors, are widely used in many well-known sectors such as solar simulation.

The 18KW ballasts can therefore be used to power light sources for specific purposes such as the evaluation of architectural models, the study of the lighting behavior of materials and surfaces, monitoring of industrial processes, up to important research projects in the aerospace and in the field of renewable energy sources.

Finally, the high power of the 18KW ballasts allow to power high-power projectors which, in relation to their optics, can emit light beams from a distance of 20m with diameters ranging from 4m to up to 30m.

Ballast Applications 18kW:

  • Studio, TV and cinema
  • Professional photography
  • Solar simulation
  • Search lights


Advantages of the 18KW Ballast system and metal halide lamp:

  • Color temperature of daylight
  • High light output
  • High color rendering
  • Suitability for use with different types of projectors (open face, Fresnel, etc.)
  • Reliability
  • Robustness
  • Transportability
IREM 18kW ballast for metal halide lamps

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