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The power supply of telephone plants and FM/TV relay stations has always entailed numerous problems and specific needs which are difficult to meet, among them:

  • to assure the safety of operators working on the plants, according to the law;
  • to assure continuity of operation to the plants;
  • to build a compact distribution system for all loads usually present in relay stations;
  • to limit the costs of installation and management;
  • to allow a cheap and effective technical assistance.

IREM AI series Integrated Power Supplies have been specifically designed for the telecommunication industry and are therefore able to meet all these needs.

The continuity of operation required by an automatic repeater, often installed in practically inaccessible sites, must satisfy a variety of requirements, ranging from the prevalently technical to the economic, limiting the need for intervention on the equipment.
The first problem to arise, and probably also the most difficult to tackle, is that of protection against atmospheric discharges, practically omnipresent in repeaters on account of the sites they have to be installed in. Due to the coupling of electromagnetic fields and the conduction in cables, the effect of lightning spreads for several kilometres from the impact point.

IREM integrated power supplies solve the power quality problems of broadcasting stations in the telecommunications sector. They include safety, protection, distribution, connection and signal devices.
All the integrated power supplies of AI range can also be manufactured with class II protection (double insulation).

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Power transformers are sensitive elements in electrical distribution, so their proper functioning during and after earthquakes is essential to ensure the power supply of construction equipment such as hospitals, barracks and civil protection coordination centers.

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MINISTAB and STEROSTAB are the names of the two series of IREM electromechanical voltage stabilizers with electronic control suitable for any type of load, they supply a stabilized voltage at the true RMS value even in the presence of strong harmonic distortions of the network.
In relation to the characteristics of the electrical network to be compensated and the power of the loads to be powered, IREM Voltage Stabilizers are divided into 6 different types.

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The supplying of radio and TV radio repeaters has always entailed problems and requirements that are difficult to solve: the most important among them are safety and continuity of operation.
IREM integrated power supplies series AI can meet the particular needs of the power supply of the telecommunications stations.

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