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The communities of Kashara and Kimono in South Idjiwi and South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo not served by the national grid, will now be able to benefit from a clean, sustainable energy source suited to their current and future needs, giving life to new commercial, artisanal and health care activities thanks to the installation of an IREM hydroelectric turbine.
Integrated plant for the production of electricity in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Ecowatt Hydro IREM hydroelectric turbine, an off-grid installation, powers a minigrid consisting of a hybrid, photovoltaic and hydroelectric system, has the purpose of supplying energy to maintain optimal levels of charge of the storage batteries of the entire system, thus guaranteeing the continuity of electricity supply in all operating conditions, maximizing the performance and useful life of each component of the installation.

The hydroelectric plant with a nominal power of 15kW consists of a Pelton TPS turbine, RMP regulators and a QDT distribution panel.
The innovative “constant load” electronic control of the IREM Ecowatt Hydro stand alone hydroelectric plants guarantees an electrical voltage generated with a perfectly sinusoidal waveform and controlled frequency values with an accuracy of ± 0.4% in all load conditions.

IREM Ecowatt Hydro stand alone hydroelectric plants

The RMP electronic regulators perform a real-time adjustment of the network frequency, obtaining a perfect balance between the power generated by the hydroelectric turbine and the power used by the plant.
The IREM turbine-panel-regulators system has been designed to achieve the objectives of reliability, simplicity and efficiency.

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