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The IREM Ecowatt Hydro system offers ideal solutions for generating reliable, high-quality hydroelectric energy even in the most remote locations.

Stand alone systems generate electricity where a connection to the national electricity grid is not available. The Power Quality of the energy generated is ensured by electronic regulators, coupled to the distribution and automation panels, which manage the required network frequency (50 or 60 Hz) in real time. A perfect balance is thus guaranteed between the power generated by the hydroelectric turbine and that used by the users, providing high power quality, essential for the efficient operation of electrical devices.

IREM ECOWATT HYDRO hydroelectric turbines for mountain refuges

How does an island system work?

In the stand alone system, the water passes through the turbine-generator group, which can be composed of a Pelton or Banki type turbine, depending on the flow rate of the watercourse. The generated energy is then directed to the electrical distribution and control panel. The QDM (single-phase) and QDT (three-phase) panels allow the electrical connection between the turbine, the electronic regulators and the users.

Finally, the RMP electronic regulators are key devices that guarantee the correct functioning of the IREM Ecowatt Hydro system for stand-alone hydroelectric plants. These regulators maintain an optimal balance between the power generated by the turbine-generator group and that used by the users, ensuring perfect regulation of the frequency and voltage generated.

IREM supplies all the main components for stand-alone hydroelectric plants, perfect for areas where there is no electricity grid: mountain refuges, rural villages and other remote areas. IREM hydroelectric turbines offer a sustainable, low-maintenance and cost-effective option for providing electricity where it is needed most.

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