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The IREM Ecowatt Hydro solution, for autonomous hydroelectric plants, can also be implemented with different levels of automation to best meet the specific needs of the installation site

Starting from the simplest and most widespread systems, equipped with manually regulated hydroelectric turbines, fully automated and remote-controlled systems can be created.

manually regulated hydroelectric turbines IREM

In these cases, IREM control and automation board interfaces with the system for the use and distribution of the generated energy to better optimize the management of the various present components.
To adjust the electrical parameters, IREM Ecowat Hydro system uses the constant load operating principle.

This system, in addition to having very short response times (1/150 of a second), guarantees a high level of power quality to the users served.
The needs of stand-alone systems vary significantly depending on the type of user and the geographical area in which they are installed.

Sites characterized by a significant variation in the available water flow and by the complexity of managing the electrical power generated, such as mixed cogeneration systems of electrical and thermal energy, are suitable for systems with high automation even if in stand-alone.
The complexity of these systems requires a fully automated machine coupled to an automation panel capable of fully managing the electricity produced and the various connected utilities.

hydroelectric plants reduction CO2 emissions

Often these hydroelectric plants replace existing systems with diesel generation contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

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