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Hydro turbines IREM for Rural Electrification

The availability of electric energy is fundamental to start the socioeconomic development of a territory. The presence of not electrified areas, where the people don’t have access to the electricity, represents, still today, a remarkable problem for a lot of geographical zones. The environments where the electricity is not available are: alpine pastures, shelters, isolated houses up to whole villages in the remote areas around the World.
This is the reason why the rural electrification has a fundamental role in the plans of development of mountainous and agricultural areas or in the vast territories without primary infrastructures of the developing world.

In the areas with low housing density, and therefore low density of load, the implementation of the grid of the centralized electric distribution often results an impossible work for technical and economic reasons.
To solve the problem of the access to the electricity, therefore, the distributed generation and the realization of small grids of distribution result to be the only practicable solution. It is the system known as “micro-grid”.
In the context of the distributed generation, the hydroelectric technology declined in , systems mini-hydro and micro-hydro, has a series of important advantages:

  • Low costs for generated power unit
  • Continuity of generated power
  • Reliability of a mature technology
  • High power quality of the generated energy
  • No systems of accumulation of energy
  • No systems of conversion of energy

The IREM Hydroelectric Turbines and the other products of the serie Ecowatt Hydro offers a complete line range of specific solutions for this application of stand-alone plants.

The complete system IREM Ecowatt Hydro is constituted by a hydroelectric group, a control board and the electronic regulators of the load . This structure, available both with Pelton and Banki Turbines represents a reliable and simple solution, able to produce electric energy with a high level of power quality.
The electronic regulators make a regulation in real time of grid frequency thus getting a perfect equilibrium between the generated power of the hydro-turbine and that used by utilities.
The IREM system turbine-control board-regulators has been studied to reach the objectives of reliability, efficiency and simplicity.
This design philosophy allows to get hydroelectric plants characterized by:

  • High performance
  • Simply installation
  • Facility of management
  • Low maintenance

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The Banki IREM ECOWATT HYDRO cross-flow turbines, for installations in parallel to the national grid, are designed and manufactured entirely by IREM to offer a compact, simple and functional system with the aim of reducing installation and commissioning operations to a minimum.

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Inaugurated the commissioning of an IREM six-jets Pelton TPA turbine-generator group in the Shiga Kamogawa power plant, located in the city of Takashima, in the Shiga prefecture in Japan.

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