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POWER QUALITY. Voltage Spikes

POWER QUALITY. Voltage Spikes

IREM has developed a High Protection Integrated Power Supply meeting the technical requirements that describe the technical specifications of the “Absorbeur d’Ondes” (AO).

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POWER QUALITY. High frequency disturbances

POWER QUALITY. High frequency disturbances

High frequency disturbances are caused by the sparks generated in the AC commutator motors, the “corona effect” on the high voltage lines, the igniters of luminous signs and burners, and by the magnetic fields irradiated by radio and TV stations.

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POWER QUALITY. Variable Harmonics

POWER QUALITY. Variable Harmonics

The voltage and current harmonics superimposed on the fundamental have combined effects on the equipment and devices connected to the electrical network. Some non-linear loads determine a harmonic content distributed over a very wide spectrum, therefore variable both in the harmonic order and in the intensity.

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IREM POWER protection of electric users against line disturbances



Power quality and
energy saving

IREM power generation by hydroelectric turbines



Hydroelectric turbines
and control boards

IREM powering of discharge lamps for professional applications



Powering of discharge lamps
for professional applications

“Quality is our first responsibility and customer satisfaction is our pride. The environment is our social objective, the safety and health of the individual is our duty”.


IREM is an Italian company, founded in 1947, worldwide leader in design and manufacture of equipment for the control and generation of electric energy.
Its brilliant founder, Mario Celso, as a boy passionate of electrical engineering and cinema, in the late 40’s succeeded to realize his childhood dream creating the first electromechanical rectifier for carbon arcs used in cinema projection.
From this first rectifier, a comprehensive line of products dedicated to power and strike gas discharge lamps will take shape.
Soon the production is enhanced with the introduction of voltage stabilisers, starting a line of products designed to develop quickly to a full range of equipment able to solve the mains power problems.
In the 50’s in addition to the energy management, IREM enters the field of machines for the production of energy: the first hydroelectric turbines, capable of generating renewable energy exploiting the head and flow of water streams are designed and produced .
In 1992, Mario Celso receives the Scientific and Technical Award for his technological contribution to the development of the film industry from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.

ISO 9001 since 1991

ISO 9001 since 1991

ISO 14001 since 2000

ISO 14001 since 2000

BS OHSAS 18001 since 2014

BS OHSAS 18001 since 2014


Today, IREM is a protagonist on the international markets. The constant investments in research and development allow to maintain the highest quality standards by continuing to develop innovative products capable to meet the demands of prestigious customers.
Quality, Safety and Environment are Corporate Values that IREM has pursued since its foundation as the basis of its organization and its development.


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