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IREM Ecowatt Hydro solution, designed for hydroelectric plants in autonomous operation, is suitable for different levels of automation to meet the specific needs of the installation site in the best way. From the simplest systems, equipped with manually controlled hydroelectric turbines, it is possible to create fully automated and remote controlled systems, where IREM control and automation panel interfaces with the plant for use and distribution of the energy generated to optimize the management.
To adjust the electrical parameters, IREM Ecowat Hydro system uses the constant load operation principle. A high level of power quality is thus guaranteed to the users served.

The needs of stand-alone systems vary significantly depending on the type of user and the geographical area. The images refer to a hydroelectric plant, located in Northern Europe, equipped with IREM Ecowatt Hydro stand-alone system with a capacity of 60 kW. The site is characterized by a considerable variation in the available water flow and by a considerable complexity of management of the electric power generated with a mixed cogeneration system of electric and thermal energy. An IREM Pelton hydroelectric turbine, a TPS model was installed, governed by electronic RMP load regulators and a CT-QP management panel. The complexity of the plant required a fully automated machine coupled with an automation panel able to fully manage the electricity produced and the various connected users.
The hydroelectric plant feeds a rural area where some residential buildings and small industries are located. The new hydroelectric plant replaces the previous diesel generation system contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

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