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New products strongly customized to customer specifications; these are special High Protection Integrated Power Supplies with miming panels for the broadcast sector.
The new IREM High Protection Integrated Power Supplies, installed on broadcast stations, protect sensitive transmission devices against repeated direct lightning of the electric line, guaranteeing high power quality levels with minimum residual overvoltage values (<0.5kV).
Moreover, these devices are equipped with the voltage stabilisation section and the filtering section against conducted disturbances. They are therefore able to ensure a filtered and stable power supply to the transmission station loads.
Another particular feature of IREM High Protection Integrated Power Supplies is the ability to realize automatic network switching between different power sources.
To facilitate operations by the personnel responsible for the maintenance and management of the transmission stations, a printed synoptic panel (miming panel) has been created directly on the power supply cabinet. In this way the probability of incurring in manoeuvring errors that could affect the regular activity of the broadcast stations is drastically reduced.

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