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IREM closes the year 2023 with an important contribution to reducing environmental impact.

The company planted in a piece of land it owns, next to the factory, 20 ash trees, native plant easy to cultivate with wide trunk, and 50 paulownias. This lesser known tree has an ornamental flowering and an important characteristic: to extract more CO2 out of the atmosphere then other plants. An hectare of land planted with paulownia trees is able to absorb from 28 to 32 tons of carbon dioxide every twelve months.

The grove of IREM to reduce the Carbon Footprint

The aim is to give a concrete answer in terms of the Carbon Footprint’s reduction.
The Carbon Footprint is in fact a parameter used for the estimation of the greenhouse gas emissions. This one is expressed in tons of carbon dioxide, generated from business products, services and events.

Calculating the Carbon Footprint and being aware of it is particularly important and it allows the companies to determinate the amount of CO2 they reverse in the atmosphere. It’s the first step of the global process of compensation useful to create projects aiming to absorb the carbon dioxide emissions. The final goal is the Carbon Neutrality or the Net Zero.

Many concrete answers are possible to compensate the CO2 emissions. It can range from reducing the energy consumption, wherever possible and, especially, the waste of electric current. Then it’s possible to create projects concerning the reforestation or to protect forests at risk with a particular attention to the most sensitive zones of the planet. Those actions contribute to the climate change mitigation. 

Between those possible solutions IREM chose to create a grove with the aim to implement strategies of corporate sustainability and to compensate the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. 

reduce Carbon Footprint

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